A sign of love - lovely signs

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One of the joys of living in the Czech Republic is the carefree approach of retailers to the art of sign-making. They are wonderfully unimpaired by artistic concerns. After all, the point is to get the message across.

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The Day Václav Havel Died

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In 1989, when I was only six years old, my parents kept pointing out a man on the TV. He had light hair, a wispy moustache, blue eyes: Václav Havel did not look like all the other politicians I had seen.

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An ode to small shops

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This is really just a love letter to my favorite fruit and vegetable store in Prague.

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Čeština je magor

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V jedním z komentářů na můj první blog se ptá pán Milan Kovár:


„Umíte, zdá se, docela dobře česky, proč tedy ve zdejším prostředí publikujete anglicky?


Krátká odpověď by byla asi: „To se fakt jenom zdá.“


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Are we what we eat? Or: The sad state of Czech window displays

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Hello. This is my first blog. My name is Sarah Borufka. I was born in Germany to Czech(oslovak) parents, and now I work as an English-language journalist in Prague, to where I moved from New Orleans. It’s not that interesting why and how and what and I’ll explain that later. Let’s...

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Everyday life in this city. Things that happen when you speak imperfect Czech with a German accent. Things that strike me as bizarre, funny, likeable or simply wrong.
Sarah Borufka
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My name is Sarah. I get angry sometimes, especially when interacting with bureaucrats. I am a Czech-German English-language journalist living in Prague. It\'s kind of complicated.